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I'm Laura, a highly skilled accredited professional ITEC qualified Clinical Sports Massage Therapist and Manual Lymphatic Drainage Post Op Care Specialist. I am also a member of the Federation Of Holistic Therapists, the leading association in UK and Ireland for accredited therapists vetted and approved by the Professional Standards Authority.

A question that I am asked almost daily is why did you choose this career path?

To be honest, as this was a change of career for me, I honestly feel that this career chose me. I began my career in digital marketing, graduating from University with a BSc Hons in Multimedia Technology and spent several years working in the digital marketing industry.

As much as it was exciting and challenging in an enjoyable way, it could at times as with the majority of professions, become quite stressful and physically and mentally draining. I sought various ways to manage this work-related stress and maintain my sanity as well as create the work life balance I desperately craved.

This included making the most of my annual leave with family holidays, making time to do things I enjoyed, such as activating my endorphins at the gym, going to the theatre, socialising with friends and most importantly spending quality time with the family.

However, what I felt really addressed not only the physiological elements of the fatigue and physical tension I was experiencing but also tapped into the psychological effects was holistic therapy, specifically massage.

Having always been a firm believer in holistic therapy and the power of touch, therapeutic and remedial massage was the most natural and immediately effective remedy of helping soothe my mind, body and soul to recover, relax and recharge itself.

I decided to expand my knowledge within the massage and wellness industry not necessarily to pursue a new career but more to embrace my passion and acquire more in-depth knowledge for my own personal benefit. I actively pursued this by ensuring I trained at the highest standard with ITEC, a highly respected professional training body which provides leading internationally recognised qualifications, where my studies not only focused on the practical elements of massage therapy but also the theoretical elements such as anatomy and physiology.

Why I did pursue a career as a massage therapist?

Short answer is, because I genuinely believe in the healing ability of massage, as it treats the whole person physiologically and psychologically. Also, I absolutely love and thoroughly enjoy what I do! The warm feeling of gratification and emotional rewards of massaging away tension and pain in a person’s body as well as simultaneously relieving feelings of anxiety and stress, replacing it with emotional and physical well-being and a sense of peace is extremely addictive.

As the saying goes, if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. I’m thankful that I can definitely testify to that!

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