Navigating Post-Surgery Comfort: The Role of Compression Garments


Embarking on the recovery journey after surgery is a significant step, and part of that journey involves considering the use of compression garments. Alongside these, we have abdominal boards that offer additional support. In this blog, let’s explore why wearing these compression garments is like a comforting ritual, the positive impacts they bring, the distinction between 1st and 2nd stage garments, the ideal time to switch them, finding the right fit, and recognising signs of a misfit. Join us as we unravel the personalised support and ease these tools bring to your healing process.

The Comfort of Compression Garments Post-Surgery:

Wearing compression garments after surgery is akin to wrapping yourself in a gentle embrace. These purposeful garments apply controlled pressure to the treated area, aiding in managing swelling, alleviating pain, and supporting the body’s healing process. Compression isn’t just about avoiding complications; it’s also about enhancing the effectiveness of the surgical procedure.

Key Benefits for Your Comfort:

Goodbye Swelling: Compression garments help keep fluid circulation in check, ensuring a smoother recovery by preventing excessive swelling.

Improved Blood Flow: The snug fit of compression garments promotes better blood circulation, facilitating the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to healing tissues for a faster recovery.

Pain Management: These garments act as supportive allies to the surgical site, reducing discomfort and making the recovery period more manageable.

1st and 2nd Stage Garments: Simple Support Phases

1st Stage Garments: Think of these as your immediate post-surgery helpers. They provide maximum compression, controlling swelling and offering vital support during the initial healing stages.

2nd Stage Garments: As your recovery progresses, 2nd stage garments take over. They maintain compression with a lighter touch, ensuring continued comfort during the extended recovery phase.

When to Switch It Up:

The transition from 1st to 2nd stage garments usually happens as initial swelling decreases and your body enters later healing stages. Consult with your healthcare provider to determine the optimal timing based on your unique recovery progress.

Finding Your Size:

Getting the right size is crucial for the effectiveness of compression garments. Measure the circumference of the area needing compression, like your abdomen or limbs, using a flexible tape measure. Refer to the sizing chart from the manufacturer for a snug, comfortable fit.

Signs of an Improper Fit:

  • Folds or Wrinkles: If the garment appears too relaxed with folds or wrinkles, consider sizing down for optimal compression.
  • Indents or Pressure Points: If you feel uncomfortable with indents or pressure points, sizing up may provide a cosier fit.

The Role of Ab Boards:

Niukuyu Foam Back Board

Niukuyu Foam Back Board

Avoiding Tough Tissue: Ab boards play a supportive role, particularly after tummy tuck procedures, reducing the risk of tough tissue formation.

Shaping the Look: Dreaming of a flat stomach post-tummy tuck or liposuction? Ab boards provide consistent support for a more aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Balanced Recovery with Back Boards: Just as ab boards focus on the front, backboards offer comprehensive support to the posterior region post-surgery, aiding in proper posture and reducing swelling.

Creating a Supportive Recovery Path:

Incorporating compression garments, ab boards, and backboards into your post-surgery routine ensures a supportive and effective recovery journey. These tools contribute not only to physical recovery but also to your overall comfort and well-being.

In Conclusion:

Wearing compression garments post-surgery is a vital element in your recovery journey. These garments, available at our online store, offer various benefits. Understanding the phases of 1st and 2nd stage garments, knowing when to transition, measuring for correct sizing, and recognising signs of an improper fit are essential for optimising their effectiveness. Always consult with your healthcare provider for personalised guidance on post-surgery care. Visit our store: to explore and acquire the right compression garments and ab boards for your unique recovery needs.


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